Giving hope to those in despair

We are a christian organization determined to give hope to people who are in despair with the help of the Lord and by God's grace.

Our mission has been inspired by a great man of God, the late Pastor Jean-Marcel Tshibuabua, who committed his whole life to serve God and his neighbors. We would like to continue on his works and even extend it to many areas of life and territories.

Our mission is to help people in despair, no matter the reason of the despair, their religious and ethnic background, gender, age, education or the place where they live.

Our vision is to build many hope centers in numerous cities of all continents of the Globe.

Sometimes there comes a situation in life when you find yourself alone. Maybe everything you put all your efforts in crashes overnight, maybe somebody you trusted very much (be it a spouse, a close friend or somebody else) betrays or disappoints you.

Maybe you loose your job and most of your friends. You feel there is nobody that really cares.

Maybe you are in a severe financial condition and you can't seem to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Maybe you are a young person and after your studies, you find it difficult to join the corporate world. And you wonder if all your dreams and aspirations in life can be fulfilled one day.

Maybe you were a high-flying executive and all of a sudden, because you get 50 or close, they replace you with a more junior person (and lower salary). It seems like the expertise you endeavoured to build in the corporate word has become completely useless. Now, it seems like you are of no value to anything or anyone.

Whatever the circumstance you face yourself in, if despair has creeped in and there is nobody to go to, there is a hope center (either physical or virtual) where you can rebuild yourself and gain a better perspective for the future.

There is no accident if you have come across our site. Why not contacting us, using the form below and share a bit about yourself. Every story remains completely anonymous.